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New ideas are the fuel of great organizations, and developing those new ideas take innovation and talent. For the past 10 years we have been deploying teams with Fortune 1000 companies that integrate with the product development teams.  Our teams are experienced developers and creative geniuses that have helped create, develop, implement and deploy applications, platforms and interactive solutions that use a mix of tactics, UX Design and leading technology.

We serve all industry sectors, but specialize in Healthcare and Finance.  We love to sit down and talk about ideas and how we can make them come to life.  We like to develop what we call ideation sessions where we map out your vision and then put it into a workable plan, with milestones and action items.  Technology is just a resource and have the team and experience to put the right elements together to implement and launch your idea into your marketplace.

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Multi-platform, multi-discipline teams and partners. 

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